Nepalese handicraft trade fair going on rapidly in new York.


jun4,2016,kathmandu . On going preparation for big exhibition of Nepalese handicraft in American city new York has been rapid day to day. According to the chairman Buddhi prasad regmi of world business management and consultant, most of the Nepalese business man are showing their extreme interest toward its stall booking .world business management He also informed that the only limited stall has been remain now and the date will just be till jun 15. All the business man and the handicraft trade union are being more excited and giving highly priority to this big expo,said, regmi. According to him more than 200 Nepalese business man completed the stall booking till today . the remaining part of stall booking will also be given on priority for Nepalese business man,added Regmi.
Meanwhile,the. Handicraft trade union are also being excited to have such great opportunity for Nepalese business man. The Chairman of the handicraft union Dharmaraj Shakya informed that they are processing to be participated in this big expo, talk to big expo may get great success if it will generates an agreement between both of the handicraft union and the world business management .