cheater arrested  by Nepal police


 ,kathmandu, 14,agust, Prakash Chandra Dahal  :  Mr. Kabiraj Shekhpan, who the chairman of green apple consultancy,got arrested by the Nepal Crime Investigation bureau,(team of teku KTM) in his own office, Dillibazar  today. The reason behind is to got arrested that Mr.sekhpan was being accused of  involved in blackmailing people for the biggest international trade show . Mr.Shekhpan proudly cheated the people by collecting huge amount  and well treated to share the dreams of trade fair. It was totally fake and illegal process done by him. He made the collection of 12 lakhs per person . while the main organizer of the show found some fake evidences from sekhpan ,they reported to the police and arrest him. Actually, the big exhibition of Nepalese Handicraft and international trade show is  organizing by the World Business Management and Consultants that  will be giving  to highlight Nepalese business and imports to serve the country devastated by long term civil war and the natural disaster.This company led by non-resident Nepalese .  The event will run from September 30 through October 2, 2016 . Tt will be held in New York City of America. The government  of Nepalese agencies, social organizations, and associations will be official project partners and supporters. More than 10,000 retail and prospective business customers are regarded  as the event.